Nnu Forum Sign Up [V2 Income Program] | 2020 Review

This is the best NNU Forum Sign Up Review so far in 2020.

I will show you how to register, earn inside this post.

Is Nnu v2 program scam or legit?,  you will find out in this article.

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You will surely love this.

You will see payment proof and how the whole platform works.


What Is NNU Forum Income Program V2?

Nnu forum income program is just any other forum.

If you are familiar with nairaland forum, then you should know what a forum is.

But there is a difference.

Other forums does not pay you for activities done on the forum.

Nnu review 2019 register


Nnu forum income program pays its members for the activities done on the forum, that’s the different.

This forum earns money from advertisements placed on it.

It shares the money earned with its members, awesome.

Do you want to know other benefits of joining?  Is it scam or legit?, read this article to the end, you will see the engines if how it works.


Who Created/Owns NNU Forum V2?

This platform was created or developed by Paul samson.

He is on facebook, you can search for his name.

He created this platform to empower Nigerians and create a way for them to earn money online.

Trust me, this is not a ponzi scheme.

You know why?.  read this post to the end.


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NNU Forum Income Program V2 Review 2020 [How It Works]

This is complete review of this platform.

All frequently asked questions about it has been answered in this article.

Read them and you will easily understand how it works.

Scroll down to see huge bonuses you will get when you register.


How Do I Make Money From The Forum?

You can make via this platform in 7 ways.

  1. Posting unique and quality contents: You will earn ₦200 – ₦1,000 everytime you post a good content.
  2. Commenting: Anytime you post a relevant comment on a forum topic, ₦20 will be added to your NNU account.
  3. Sharing on facebook: Whenever you share a content on facebook, you earn ₦100.
  4. Affiliate: You earn ₦1000 for affiliates.
  5. Logging in: Whenever you login, you will earn ₦50.
  6. Reading: Anytime you open a forum topic to read, you earn ₦10. You can read 20 forum topics per day.
  7. Pin reseller: You can buy registration pin for ₦1,200 and sell it for ₦1,400. You automatically earn a profit of ₦200.

You can earn more than ₦1,000 per day through daily activities.


NNUForum Scam or legit
Nnu Forum Earnings


The highest earner on the platform earned ₦1,000,000 in one month.


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Must I get referrals before I can withdraw money?

The simple answer, No.

Referrals are absolutely optional.

If you don’t have any referrals at all and you have passed the threshold, you will still get paid.

It is not a must that you have referrals.



Who Can Register On This Platform?

This platform is for everyone.

Either young, old, teen, etcetera.

Students, youths, parents, bloggers, entrepreneurs, people working, etcetera, can join NNUForum.

This is also a great opportunity for students to use the time wasted on social media platforms to earn money.

Imagine getting paid every month without doing much work.

The thing you need to do before you can earn on this income program site is not some strenuous activity.


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How To Register For NNU Forum Sign Up Income Program Version 2

Follow the steps below if you want to join (nnu forum sign up) the earning team.

  1. Go to the official website by using this link [Click Here To Join].
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Put your first name, last name, email address & phone number.
  4. In the area of referral, if it is blank, put Flashgeek, but if Flashgeek is already there, leave it like that.
  5. In the next box, input your account username, you will use it to login.
  6. Enter your password that you will be using to login and confirm that password by typing it again in the next box.
  7. Pick paystack for payment. I strongly recommend this.
  8. It will load a page, click on the button that says ‘click here to pay with paystack‘.
  9. You can then pay with your card, pay with your bank or pay with Visa QR.
  10. After paying, wait for confirmation.
  11. If you used my link to register, send me a message on whatsapp (09064340460) for your bonus/gift. I will teach you how to earn more money with it fast.
  12. Read the next thing to do below.

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After Registration, What Next?

After you have registered, do the following.

  • Go to your email address, check for your receipt for registration  payment and the confirmation that you have registered.
  • If you did not find anything like that in your email inbox, check your spam folder.
  • After seeing the payment receipt and the confirmation email, login to nnu website.
  • When you login go to your dashboard, you will be credited with ₦50 for just logging in.

If you used my link to register, message me on whatsapp (09064340460) to get your bonus (e-books on how earn more money and faster on nnu income program).

  • Do more activities on the forum that will earn you money, like posting, commenting, and reading posts.

Is NNUForum V2 Scam or Legit?

It is not scam, not anymore.

Trust me, this thing is legit.

Just imagine, more than 1,000 people are joining this site every day.

!What are you waiting for?!

Join the moving train and make some cash.

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How To Withdraw Money From NNU Forum

To withdraw money from the site, you need to reach or pass the payment threshold.

So,  what is the threshold?

The threshold is five thousand naira only (₦5,000).

Yeah, the threshold is easy to meet and even pass.

When your earnings pass ₦5,000, it will automatically move to your wallet.

Click on the withdraw button in your dashboard.

Add your account details;  account number, bank name and account name.

By the end of the month, your money will be paid directly into your bank account with no delay or charges.


When Do They Pay Members?

They pay every member that has the threshold (which is ₦5,000).

But when will they you.

Everyone that has passed the threshold and added account details will get paid at the end of the month.


Have They Paid Anyone [Payment proof]

Am sure that you will have this question in your mind.

Have they really paid any member before or has anyone received payment?

Yes. I will drop the screenshot of the payment proof that you need.

Don’t forget to use my link to register.


NNU Income Forum Payment proof


That is the payment proof above.

I don’t believe you will still doubt this income platform anymore after seeing a payment proof.

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I Have Money on NNU V1, Can I Transfer it To Nnu V2?

Yes,  if you have money in the former NNU platform, you can transfer it to nnu Version 2.

Just go to your dashboard after logging in.

You will see a link to transfer from V1. Click on it and connect your former account, then transfer it.

It is very simple.



I have covered anything that you need to know about Nnuforum review 2020 in this article and am sure it answers all the questions you have in mind.

Joining this platform does not mean that you won’t do anything, you need to participate in the forum to earn.

The   more you participate, the more you earn.

If you have any questions, doubts or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact me via whatsapp.

Share this articles with your friends and family. Let them also know if this program is legit or just scam.

Am sure that they would also love to earn money, sharing is caring.

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