Jamb Subject Combination 2020/2021 For All Courses [Download PDF]

Complete and updated jamb subject combination 2020/2021 for all courses in Nigeria.

When I mean updated, this is for the jamb 2020/21 candidates


Jamb Utme

In this post I am going to explain to you what you need to know about subject combinations in jamb.

In addition, some frequently asked questions are going to answered on this same article.

Let’s dive right in to the definition or meaning.


What Is Jamb Subject Combination

It is simply a combination of the subjects that you are going to sit for in jamb examination.

It differs from course to course (it is not the same for all courses).

The subject combination of two courses may be the same, for example the subjects for medicine and surgery is the same thing for pharmacy or nursing.


Using The Wrong Subject Combination In Jamb 2020

Did you know that using the wrong combination of subjects in jamb can make you forfeit your admission?

I am serious!

Most schools won’t even change your course after seeing that your subjects in jamb have been wrongly combined.

Make sure you use the correct one during the utme registration.


Jamb Subject Combination For All Courses

Now, this is the latest one and I have compiled it for you.

It is a PDF file and it’s for free.

Click To Download Jamb Subject

Open the file a PDF file reader after downloading it.

You are free to share the file with your friends on social media platforms.


How Many Subjects Will Be Done In Jamb 2020

You are going to do four (4) subjects in the jamb exam.

The funny thing is that this number cannot be increased nor decreased.

Out of that four subjects, English language is compulsory for everyone and every courses.

Don’t say because you are not good in English, you won’t do it.  Lol, the English questions are not too hard if you are prepared for them.

The remaining three (3) subjects apart from English must be required and related to the course you desire to study.


Will Civic Education Be Done In Jamb 2020

There’s absolutely nothing like civic education in jamb exam.

The only place that you will find civic education is in o level examinations like waec, neco, gce, etcetera.

With this, don’t stress yourself out reading the whole civic education textbook.


Is Mathematics Compulsory In Jamb

Jamb is totally different from o level (ordinary level) examinations.

Mathematics is not made compulsory in jamb, but if mathematics is part of the subject combination of your course then it is compulsory.

For example when I chose medicine in jamb, I never added mathematics to my subjects because I don’t need it.

This is why you need to know the subjects that are required for the course that you want to study.


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  1. my jamb registration name tally with my o’level reg. name(neco), but differ from that of my other credentials e.g my primary & birth certificates, as well as my Letter of Origin & Good conduct, together with my various ID cards.
    please what will be the best solution?


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