JAMB Change of Course/Institution 2020/2021 Out: Updated Price & Closing Date

How to do jamb change of course or institution or correction of data 2020/2021 easily without mistakes.

You will also see the closing date in this post.

Sometimes, a change of institution or course might be needed to be done on jamb portal.

But most candidates usually don’t know much about it.

This is a simple but complete guide for all UTME candidates that will like to either change their institution or course in 2020.

How To Do Jamb Change of Institution/Course 2020/2021

Now, here is the real deal. It’s the main reason why you are here.


Jamb change of course/institution 2020/2021


The steps are very simple to follow. I would not advice you to do it on your phone because you are likely to encounter some problems.

OK, back to the steps you need to follow.

  1. Take all the required things; jamb profile code, registration number, and money.
  2. Go to any accredited jamb cbt center near you.
  3. Tell them that you want to change your institution or course.
  4. You will be asked for the course or institution you want to change, email address, jamb password, jamb registration number and money.
  5. After supplying all the required things, wait while they help you with the changing of course/institution 2020/21. Make sure they input the correct details and check it very well before they submit the change of course/institution form 2020.
  6. After the change has been successfully completed, you will be told and you will be given the slip.
  7. That’s all you need to do.

Where Can I Change My Course or Institution

You should do the changing at any accredited jamb cbt center near you.

It can be also done at cyber cafes, but when you have any problems with it, you will need to go the cbt center to solve it.

Also don’t give anybody you don’t know  money to help you change it.

Most people claim to be experts at it and they would ask you to send your details and money, they are scammers.

They will collect your money and nothing will be changed. Just be careful of who you give your money to.

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When Will It Start or Be on Portal?

It has already started and is available on portal.

It is going to start exactly two (2) weeks after the jamb results are released.

By that time you change anything you want  on jamb portal.

You can’t do it before the examination.

Jamb Change of Course/Institution Closing Date 2020/2021

Looking for the deadline or when the form will close on jamb portal?

You can’t find the closing date anywhere.


The form does not close or even have a deadline.

But you should do the change as soon as possible before the institution you want to gain admission into starts selling post utme form.

This means you should do it as soon as the form is on the portal.

How To Reprint Jamb Change of Institution/Course Slip 2020/2021

You should have the slip with you after the change has been made.

Print the slip at the jamb cbt center where the change was made.

Make sure you collect the slip before you leave the cbt center.

How Much is UTME change of institution or course 2020/2021

It is two thousand five hundred naira [₦2,500] only but they may want to collect more than this because they are going to use their credit card to pay on jamb portal.

So, take about four thousand naira (₦4000) along.

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Can I Change My Institution or Course Twice

You can change your course or institution on jamb portal more than once.

But you will have to pay money for each change.

There is no limit to the number of times you can change your institution or course on jamb portal in 2020.

But in the case you of data correction, you can only do it once.

Data correction means change of name, date of birth, state, local government, gender jamb subject combination, etcetera.

I Have Paid But Can’t Complete The Change

This happens a lot to many jamb candidates.

This is why I said you should not do it on your phone by yourself or even do it at a cyber cafe.

You are likely to encounter some problems that would not make the changes to work even after paying for it.

If you have this problem, you should go to any accredited jamb cbt center near you to complete the change.

They may ask you to pay five hundred naira (₦500) to correct the problem.

Make sure that your institution or course has been changed successfully before leaving the cbt center.

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Have you been able to change your course or institution on jamb portal successfully?

Have the change been made and completed?

Did you have any problems or questions about it?

Let me know in the comments section below, you will get a reply as soon as possible from me.

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  1. Sir please i want to change institution from Unizik to Funai cause i’m scared that Unizik might not give me Admission, Course: Psychology, UTME score: 207. is it possible now.

    please reply as soon as possible

  2. I want to change my uni to a different one that requires my score as a cut of mark, I checked my result yesterday so can I change it today?

  3. Pls, which science course, engineering course or educational course can i do with D7 for chemistry, other subjects is okay

  4. Can i study Agriculture, without writing agricultural science in waec,but i have biology and animal husbandry

  5. Please sir, I have done change of institution/course twice’ but I was given another course by the school, can I still change d course?

  6. Sorry I registered for D.E and I want to put the school I put as my second choice as first choice…can I change it?

  7. You can only change your course after the main exam has been concluded and results have been released. That’s when the change of course/institution form will be out

    • The correction of data form will only be out after the results of the main exams have been released

  8. Pls I registered for D.E using awaiting result. but the issue is a wrong date was typed as d date of my last exam i.e my final exam for OND. do I need to pay for a correction or I can just change it whenever I want to upload my result.

  9. Good day. Please sir has jamb mock reprint started for this week or one needs to wait on the 17th. And sir after reprint of mock slip will it still be the same center of the main jamb exam or different


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